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Latte on the Cheap

9 Nov

I have had a very long love affair with coffee.  My parents never used a coffee maker when I was growing up.  They traveled to Europe when they were first married and learned the secrets to making good coffee; buy good quality beans and grind them daily.  The sound of a coffee grinder makes my heart skip a beat, I swear!

The other trick is to get the water REALLY hot.  That’s why most household coffee makers just make OK coffee and not excellent coffee.  My parents would put the fresh coffee grounds into a cone with a paper filter that sat on top of a thermos.  Then they would boil water in a tea kettle and pour the boiling water into the cone.  Oh the smell!!!!  Better than Starbucks!

As luck would have it, I have NEVER been able to replicate their process because I could never find the right cone to fit on the right thermos.  I can’t tell you how this irked me for years!

Recently, my husband developed a little system for making the best cup of coffee ever, even better than my parents’!  What he meant as an occasional treat has turned into a daily ritual for me.

Here’s what I use:

Organic espresso beans, my trusty coffee grinder, a small sauce pan, a little espresso percolator thing, and an immersion blender.  You can see my poor, neglected coffee maker in the background.

It is on my list to get a stainless steel espresso maker like mine only bigger.  I  avoid using aluminum anything.  So, if you are going to buy something like this, look for good quality stainless steel.  This looks like a nice one.

Do as I say, not as I do:)

Anyway, fill the bottom with filtered water (not tap water), THEN add the grounds.  I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve filled the coffee basket, tampered it down, and then realized I forgot the water.

Again, do as I say, not as I do.

Put your coffee maker on the stove and while it is brewing, pour some whole milk into a saucepan and warm it on medium low heat.  Once it starts getting hot, use your immersion blender to make some foam.  Yum!  I wish it was morning so I could make some now.

Another fabulous thing to add to your latte is vanilla bean paste.  Over the top!

I use this stuff in everything: scones, frosting, you name it.  It’s much easier than scraping a vanilla bean and you still get all the little vanilla beaniness!

I like to pour the milk in my cup and then pour the coffee.  Ok, I have to stop writing about coffee now or I’m not going to be able to sleep.

Dream about that!