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Thrift Store Blessings

22 Nov

I have been to our local thrift store so many times during the past two weeks, I know the guy who helps unload your car by name; it’s Juan.  Juan and I are becoming buddies.  I may need to bring Juan a Christmas present.

I drive a suburban, and I have filled the back of that baby several times.  Look at the funny face my son is making.

Once I got started, my whole family caught the de-clutter bug.  My two big kids were both in their rooms last week getting rid of clothes that didn’t fit, toys they don’t play with and books they don’t wish to read for the 10th time.

The funny this is, I never asked them to clean-out their rooms, they just did it.

Every morning I get up to find old pants and t-shirts in the trash that my husband doesn’t want anymore.  He got the bug!  I just add them to our thrift store bag to bring to Juan.

I have noticed a peace in my brain that I have not had is several years.  They other day, my hubby came home and said that it seemed quieter in our house.  I looked at him like he was insane because the kids were making a ton of noise at the moment.  I knew what he meant, though.

I had been accumulating “stuff” to do something with “later”.  I really wanted to have a garage sale and sell some of my “stuff” on Craigslist of Ebay.  I had some nice “stuff”.

Every little thing that I was going to do something with, was taking up room in my brain…cluttering my brain.  Like I need more clutter in my brain!

So I let it go!  My brain is much less cluttered! This is good.

Today, after my daily drop-off at the thrift store, I decided to go in and take a look around.  I think I had some morbid curiosity about the fate of my “stuff”.

I found EXACTLY what I needed to complete my Thanksgiving table service;  four white dishes with a gold rim and TEN matching bowls!

Aren’t they purdy?  Not only are they classy, but they are antiques!  I looked-up the marking on the back and discovered they were made by Zeh Scherzer & Co from Bavaria, Germany.  The mark on the back commemorates their 50th anniversary in 1930.

Just for giggles, I tried to find some other pieces online on Ebay and Replacements.com and the closes I found cost $25 per plate.

Want to know what I spent?  $4.99 on the whole box!  SCORE!  That’s, like .36 cents per piece.  My dear hubby is so proud of me:)

It just goes to show you, give a little to bless others and you will surely be blessed.


Clean-up Mission #1

9 Nov

As you will soon find out, I am pretty much an open book, and I don’t pretend to be someone I am not.  As I mentioned before, my house is a bit out of control and I am on a mission to clean it up before November 17th.   That’s just 8 days away.  Yikes!

The deadline is because I have a cleaning lady coming to help me shine the place up for Thanksgiving and that’s the latest appointment she had available.  If you have ever had someone else clean you house, you know that it can be even more work preparing for them to come than the cleaning itself.  Basically, it is my reward for getting a handle on the messes that are taking over my house.

Case in point:

This is my master bedroom.  I know, I know, it’s not pretty.  My mom would be so embarrassed!  That’s why I’m posting these pictures.  Not to embarrass my mom, but because I need accountability!  Now I HAVE to clean it!  No more putting it off until tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

Here’s another corner of my bedroom:

Don’t ask me why I have tubs of baby clothes and cloth diapers all over my room.  I’m done having babies.  I’m just not good at getting rid of stuff.

I think it’s because I was always holding onto the kid’s clothes for the next kid.  When you have 5 kids, that’s a lot of stuff.

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but now it’s time to do something with all this stuff.

Here’s the plan:  I am going to have one box for give-away/garage sale stuff, one tub for really nice stuff that I can pass down to my oldest daughter for her baby or sell on Ebay, and one tub for clothes that I am still saving for my youngest daughter.  Everything else will go away or be thrown away.

And they’re off…

I’ll post after pictures soon, I hope.